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McLaren Nu-Air® Solid Cushion Tires

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    McLaren NU-AUR® Flat Proof Tires for Skid Steers, Backhoes, and Telehandlers

    McLaren NU-AIR® tire integrates the strength and stability of a solid tire with the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tire.

    • Heavy-duty rubber compound and extra deep lugs ensure 3 to 5 times the life expectancy of pneumatic tires
    • Never waste time and money on flat tires again
    • Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ provides optimum shock absorption and a smooth, air-cushioned ride
    • Up to three layers of deep cushion holes prevent damage to the machine on the roughest terrain
    • Specially engineered sidewalls prevent punctures and snags in severe cutting conditions
    • The deep tread provide more traction in snow, sand, or deep mud
    • The extra weight of the tires increases machine stability and reduces bouncing
    • Tires come with rims for easy installation

    McLaren manufactures solid tires for the most popular skid steers, backhoes, telehandlers, wheel loaders of Bobcat, JCB, Gehl, Mustang, Volvo, Komatsu, Liebherr, Terex

    McLaren Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tires

    At McLaren, we appreciate our customers’ needs. We supply business across the globe with tire solutions to make their enterprises run smoother, and more efficiently. The ranges we offer cover most machines for working in every possible environment and climate. This is an introduction to the Nu-Air Solid Cushion model. These are ideal for forklifts and machinery working at height such as telehandlers, and also skid-steers, wheel loaders, and backhoes.

    Solid Cushion Tire Technology Explained

    McLaren Semi-Pneumatic Technology is the basis for Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tires. This design is fundamentally an arrangement of air-cells seated deep within the tire radius. These are carefully shaped and aligned (see illustration) to provide a cushion similar to traditional pneumatics. The departure from traditional air-filled tires is that these cells are efficiently placed deeply within the structure, safe from penetration from sharp objects on the work place floor. As an extra precaution, each cell is isolated, so an incursion into a single cell from the outside (extremely unlikely!), will not have the same effect as that on a ‘single cell’ pneumatic tire – the damage is mitigated. AND – normal running will continue…our tires are flat-proof.

    Pneumatic Forklift Tire Scenario

    Imagine operating a forklift (or several) in a warehouse unloading products IN. And the next stage is to shelve or store the goods in a designated place where they can be located quickly to make up orders as they arrive. The next part of the work is to fulfill the received order and load onto a delivery truck. Simple enough - though this is done using one or several forklift trucks, coordinated to complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible. In large warehouses, two or more ‘trucks may be allocated to specific loading bays, and have constant tasks to service the unloading and loading of that specific bay.

    Deliveries are usually specified to arrive at the customer for a certain time; sometimes this is backed with a guarantee that could involve a financial penalty if not fulfilled. Another factor is if the business uses third-party delivery services that also have to run to the nearest minute. In the case of a puncture, they will then have to wait for the reorganization of the forklifts, and this can cause friction. In a busy and carefully coordinated warehouse, imagine the chaos that a pneumatic puncture can produce – the down-time, knock-on effects and paperwork. Using Solid Cushion Tires will prevent such a scenario.

    Stability and Integrity

    Stability is vital when a machine is manipulating loads at height. For example, our forklift tires’ added traction balance this requirement with the flat-proof architecture. The other major requirement is ground contact integrity, as forklifts maneuver using rear wheels. Our design and compounds ensure maximum operating footprint for these vital rear wheels.

    These are the reasons why McLaren have produced the Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tire, technology which is so highly valued by our customers, and which out-performs our competitors.

    Other Benefits of the Solid Cushion

    These tires are oblivious to punctures and the lost time this causes. They have this strength while maintaining the cushioning effect of air-filled tires. This is important as some cushioning is required for the load, and to prevent the wear that totally solid tires cause to the components of the machine, especially the undercarriage. Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tires are a result of technical design craftsmanship, finely balancing the need for stability, strength and durability.

    McLaren keep up a constant OEM network, trying our products out against the competition, and listening to customer feedback. In trials, figures show that Nu-Air tires last up to 5 times longer than competitors’. This is due partly to design, partly to the highest quality manufacturing we employ, and also to the rubber compound used in the making of Solid Cushion Tires.

    We can provide these tires for all makes of forklift. All Nu-Air Solid Cushion Tires come supplied with rims to make installation simple. To find out how we can upgrade your machine, call us now.