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Dumper Tacks

Rubber Tracks for Carrier Dumpers

Tracked dumpers (also known as crawler dumpers/carriers) were first designed to meet the need for transporting heavy loads on construction, mining, in agricultural and industrial sites, and also to provide military support, working in the most adverse and challenging conditions. Today’s dumpers (such as Morooka, Komatsu and Kabota, Yanmar, Hinowa and Canycom) are characterized by a heavy-duty lower frame of fully sealed components which are generally bolt-on rather than welded to offer maximum customization and adaptability. But a vehicle is only as efficient as the integrity and durability of its tracks – and McLaren offer the ultimate footprint with New Generation® rubber tracks.

In 1825, Sir George Caley proposed tracks using a small number of longitudinal segments. Later in 1858 a British agricultural engineer named John Fowler filed a patent for what he called an ‘Endless Railway’ that was the forerunner of the track we know today. At the turn of the twentieth century, a British agricultural company Hornsby designed a new track where the segments locked together in one direction to form a solid rail that the drive wheels ran on. Then enter Alvin Lombard who adapted these designs to evolve a more flexible drive system using a larger number of smaller plates to make up the tracks. These gave extra flexibility (though each joint also brings vulnerability). The Lombard Steam Log Hauler was born and eventually became powered with the diesel internal combustion engine in 1934. This was the father of the current generation of tracked dumper vehicles, and it travelled on the antecedents of today’s tracks…

The strength of McLaren tracks lie in the continuous SpoolRite™ technology and is enhanced by the qualities of reduced vibration and durability provided by their innovative rubber track construction. We have taken the design of our predecessors and updated it for the 21st century – to provide you and your machinery with the ultimate track efficiency.

Next Generation® Rubber Tracks

McLaren dumper tracks use advanced research and development to provide the safety, traction and stability you require for outstanding performance and productivity. As well as this, the tread pattern and construction of the New Generation® is designed to minimize vibration to both the load and the machine’s undercarriage. While keeping a load more stable, our tracks actually reduce the mechanical wear and tear on your vehicle. This track has out-performed competitors in OEM tests.

Our innovation provides the operator with:

  • Increased safety and stability;
  • Smoother load carrying capability and decreased mechanical wear;
  • SpoolRite™ Belting Technology for durability and longer track life;

If you need fantastic new rubber, then equip your carrier with New Generation® and ensure your project stays on track.

Size: 180 – 900mm

SpoolRite™ technology provides its strength by using one continuous steel belt that has no joints, and so – no potential vulnerabilities. This construction prevents track-breaks that can cause major disruption to work, and the design also prolongs track life.

McLaren’s premium Next Generation® tracks incorporate the highest production methods and quality with the most advanced design technology to give the user the best performance and value of any aftermarket rubber tracks available. And if you don’t see the specifications for your particular vehicle, don’t worry – we will cost-effectively custom-manufacture the exact tracks you need!

Maximizer Rubber Tracks®

The clue is in the name. When you need the best that a limited budget will allow, Maximizer® tracks are the solution for the eternal quality versus the eternal value dilemma. This product offers the most cost-effective aftermarket track solution in its price range, while retaining all of McLaren’s commitment to reliability and efficiency. Maximizer® tracks offer:

  • The incorporation of a reinforced single steel belt design for maximum strength and durability;
  • A quality rubber compound manufactured for the most efficient service and track life;
  • A lower price to fit budgets of smaller scale contractors, or the outlay for less continuous use.

The Maximizer® range is made with quality compounds that contain up to 30% more rubber than competitors’ products. At an affordable price, these tracks retain McLaren’s guarantee-backed aim of providing service and quality in order to help you maximize your budget.

Size: 180 – 320mm

Economy Line tracks are produced as an option for contractors with a tight budget, or for machine use that is perhaps periodic, or not so intensive. This range gives you an option to equip your machinery with the best tracks that the budget allows, and confidence that your contact with the ground will be well supported by McLaren engineering and quality.