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Forklift Tires

Stability is the basis of all good operation, whether the subject is life in general, or more specifically – safe load management. When considering forklifts, this is essential. McLaren NU-AIR® Solid Cushion Tires maintain the best balance.

It is ironic that the universal instability brought about by the First World War accelerated forklift evolution. In the early twentieth century, experiments had been carried out to make load-lifting more efficient, though these were usually static and employed traditional rope and pulley and leverage systems. It was in 1906 that the first machine that was to become the inspiration for today’s forklift was created. This was a battery-powered platform truck at Altoona railway station, Pennsylvania that was used to transport passenger luggage.

As the Great War erupted, the development of all kinds of technology accelerated (Necessity being the Mother of Invention). At this time, Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies of Ipswich made different prototypes of load-handling machines and in 1917, the American firm Clark started using tractor lifting vehicles in company warehouses. The U.S Towmotor Company began production in 1919, and so did Yale & Towne in the next year.  Greater usage led to the development of the forklift through the next two decades culminating in the electric version with standardized pallets at the end of the 1930’s. With the outbreak of World War Two, labor shortages necessitated serious mechanical loading in warehouses and the forklift was well and truly established in industry.

In the 1950’s, safety was an issue and load back-rests and operator cages were introduced. From the 1980’s emissions – widely and in enclosed spaces was a concern – and the gas powered machines we see today became popular. The culmination of this technology is the addition of the hydrogen fuel cell (which also allows operation in sub-zero environments that degrade the performance in machines powered by other means). Forklifts such as those used for loading ships can maneuver loads up to 50 tons. In the twenty-first century, forklift manufacture is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and they are found in most work environments where loading is required.

Stability is extremely critical in the case of forklifts as there is a continual variation in the center of gravity during operation. Another aspect of safety is the ability to turn while loaded. This is accomplished by rear-wheel steering, and the integrity of ground contact is vital. The best grounding for forklifts is provided by McLaren tires.

The design of NU-AIR® Solid Cushion Tires provides the combination of integrity of traction and the stability required to keep give the operator maximum control of the load in the air. Our tires are a finely balanced product of outstanding engineering, innovative design and superb manufacturing techniques that give the best performance and value in the field.

The benefits of NU-AIR® Solid Cushion Tires for forklifts:

* Heavy duty, quality rubber compound for up to 5 times longer life

* Semi-Pneumatic Technology™ for ultimate balance of traction, reliability and stability

* Supplied with rims for easy installation

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