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McLaren tires are the ultimate rubber solution for forklifts, wheel loaders, backhoes, skid-steers and telehandlers – practically any industrial machine that needs rubber tires. We are proud of their quality, integrity and strength – and these values are appreciated by customers in many different countries, operating in a multitude of environments and climates. They don’t just enjoy the reliability of McLaren products and the enhanced functionality our tires bring to their various businesses, they also appreciate the value of the longevity of our tires – and the savings this brings.

McLaren tire ranges derive their quality through three aspects: fantastic (and ongoing) design, highest quality materials and outstanding manufacturing techniques.

Nu-Air tire range is based around McLaren’s Semi-Pneumatic Technology. The concept is that machinery needs to remain as stable as possible while operating – though at the same time have some cushioning to insulate the load and prevent drastic undercarriage wear. Solid tires can better achieve the first (on the flat), whereas pneumatic tires score better on the second goal. So McLaren designers decided to incorporate the two attributes in a fine balancing act and minimize the vulnerability – and the result is a flat-proof tire.

Semi-Pneumatic Technology Explained

This design is fundamentally an arrangement of air-cells seated deep within the tire radius. These are carefully shaped and aligned (see illustration) to provide a cushion similar to traditional pneumatics. The departure from traditional air-filled tires is that these cells are efficiently placed deeply within the structure, safe from penetration from sharp objects on the work place floor. As an extra precaution, each cell is isolated, so an incursion into a single cell from the outside (extremely unlikely!), will not have the same effect as that on a ‘single cell’ pneumatic tire – the damage is mitigated. AND – normal running will continue – on McLaren flat-proof tires

The quality materials used in differing McLaren products are carefully balanced to suit the particular terrain the operator will be working in, and the vehicle they are designed for. All the various Nu-Air models use a rubber-rich compound that is higher grade than competitors. Into the mix also go compounds to improve durability while mitigating any damage that may occur, and ingredients to combat the effects of UV rays. This compound has proved in OEM tests to have 3 to 5 times the working life (varying in different models) of competitors’ tires.

Semi-Pneumatic Nu-Air tires are purpose specific designs for different environments and vehicles to allow maximum efficiency. This includes differing widths and tread configurations for the best performance (for exact specs, please see visit the specific page for your machine). At the same time, the specific designs incorporate the most flexibility of work possible.

Here are some examples of the Nu-Air range to give a broad idea of the scope we cover:

Nu-Air Super Slick (SS); tires for machines such as backhoes and wheel loaders, SS are designed mainly for running on asphalt, paving, concrete – for smooth running and minimum footprint; these tires far outlast treaded versions on hard-standing;

Nu-Air Dirt Terrain (DT); skid-steer, wheel loader, backhoe tires for off-road – dirt, sand, snow, quarries, &c;

Nu-Air All Terrain (AT); tires for wide application – on-road to moderate rough terrain use, AT tires are ideal for changing work environments;

Nu-Air Rocky Terrain (RT); the clue is in the name – if this tire can’t operate – then it’s no place for a machine to go!

At McLaren we realize there are sometimes constraints with budgets for projects and compromises have to be made (because profit must be made!). Or sometimes, when less than continuous usage is required it is not practical or viable to buy top-line models. For these instances, we have Economy Line models in some parts of the range. These products are made with the same care and quality, though are not designed to have the same length of operating life. Please check for Economy Line availability on the specific machine tire page.

Now you have an overview of our Nu-Air tires, and of how McLaren can maximize the efficiency of your machine or fleet. Take a little time to read our customers’ testimonials and explore the technical aspects of the various models that could make such a difference to your business. We constantly work on the feedback from our customers to help us improve our existing product range and expand it.

If you don’t see here what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us – your requirement may be our next Nu line in flat-proof tires!