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Excavator Tracks

Excavators (or Mini-Diggers) dig up what has been created in the past, so a little excavation of their history: the idea of mechanical excavation was first put into action to help build Hull docks in England by the engineering firm Armstrong in 1882. This was steam-powered and not successful because it was a hybrid using water-powered hydraulics – a system that was weakened by the inclusion of cables. The first truly all-hydraulic excavator used only four direct-acting steam cylinders and no cables or chains. It was called the Direct Acting excavator (and described as a steam-shovel), built in America by the Kilgore Machine Company in 1897. The uniformity and integrity of power distributed through the digging arm and the revolutionary reach-and-dip action made this the grandfather of familiar excavators today: JCB, Case and John Deere amongst others. Another vital feature of the modern machines is their ability to operate in most work environments. Using McLaren’s innovative tracks will greatly increase the performance of your excavator in any landscape.

Next Generation® Rubber Tracks

McLaren New Generation® excavator tracks employ advanced SpoolRight™ belting technology  and top quality manufacturing to provide safety, stability and traction for outstanding performance and enhanced productivity. Along with construction integrity to provide the greatest strength and durability, New Generation® tracks minimize vibration to the load and undercarriage and so reduce the work-wear on your machine. This track out-performs all competitors in OEM tests.

  • Sizes: Available in widths 180 – 500mm

The benefits of the New Generation®:

  • Advanced tread designs for increased safety and reliability
  • Smoother operation and decreased undercarriage wear
  • Spoolright™ technology for increased durability and strength
  • High quality rubber compounds for longer track life

If you need great new rubber for your excavator, choosing New Generation® is the best way to stay grounded.

SpoolRight™ belting technology in McLaren tracks provide strength and longer life. This unique design uses a continuous steel belt with no joints – so there are no vulnerabilities that could lead to the major disruption that an on-site track-break causes.

Next Generation® tracks provide the finest quality rubber compound securely bonded to the integral steel belt. Tread design is modified slightly with each track width for ultimate traction.

Maximizer® Rubber Tracks

The name says it all. When the budget is limited though quality and integrity are required, McLaren Maximizer® tracks are the answer. These tracks are the best solution for those difficult performance-versus-running cost situations, offering the best performance after-market product in this price-range. 

  • Sizes: Available in widths 180 – 450mm

The benefits the Maximizer®:

  • Integral reinforced belt design for maximized strength and durability
  • Quality rubber compound manufacture for long and effective use
  • Compound contains 30% more rubber than competitors in this price range

If the budget is tight but the excavation must be done, optimize your machine at the right price – operate confidently with our guarantee-backed Maximizer® option.

This is an option for less intensive or periodic use than the Maximizer®, and gives a chance to equip your machine with McLaren quality while staying within a tight budget. When things get do get tight, the design and functionality of this line will perform and still save you money in the long-term.

Hybrid ™ Steel Tracks with Pads

McLaren Hybrid™ tracks combine the strength of quality steel and the durability and hard wearing of high quality rubber. This provides an almost unbreakable track that can be easily fitted to an excavator with no undercarriage modification. The tough rubber shoes can be used to protect urban hard-standing and can be removed on-site to provide an entirely steel track for the most abrasive terrain such as rock and debris.

  • Sizes: Available in widths from 300 – 450 mm

The benefits of the Hybrid:

  • Readily adaptable for application in urban to extreme environments
  • Lower maintenance with replaceable pads
  • Various pad designs for greater flexibility
  • Directly replaces rubber tracks without modification
Hybrid™ Heavy Duty (HD) really are the toughest tracks around. They are manufactured from 40Cr alloy steel plate. The track link body has a Rockwell rating of HRC 32 – 35 and the top surface is hardened to HRC 50 – 55. Every component is engineered and assembled using the most precise production processes. The pads are for the HD are also replaceable for maximum running options and ease of maintenance.