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Aerial Platform Tracks

‘As above – so below’, goes the ancient adage, and this is vital to keep in mind today in high-tech construction and industrial processes. As feats of building, maintenance and industry become more complex and reach ever higher toward the Heavens, it is vital to stay firmly in touch with the Earth to safely complete these almost superhuman tasks. McLaren’s Next Generation rubber tracks on an aerial platform will accomplish this for you. We provide a variety of tracks for the best stability, traction and vibration reduction for mobile platform machinery by employing unique, advanced tread patterns and design technology. For work surfaces that are ornamental or susceptible to vehicle footprints, McLaren also supply a non-marking version in the premium Next Generation rubber track range.

Cherry Pickers’ were the forerunners of aerial platforms, or AWP (aerial working platforms). They were ingeniously invented to work at height, often in enclosed spaces – in this case, to harvest fruit, preventing the damage caused to trees by ladders and improving the efficiency of harvesting. Things have come a long way, though the physics and logic behind safe and efficient practice are unchangeable – to be able to reach high, it’s necessary to be firmly grounded.  If working at height, Next Generation and Maximizer are the answer for tracks.

McLaren will give you the most succinct grounding – so that you can do your work in the air effectively, with confidence, and enjoy the full fruits of your labor.


Next Generation Rubber Tracks

McLaren aerial platform tracks have used advanced research to provide the safety, traction and stability you require for outstanding performance and productivity. As well as this, the tread pattern and construction is designed to minimize vibration to both the load and the machine’s undercarriage. While keeping a load more stable, our tracks actually reduce the mechanical wear and tear on your vehicle and platform. This track has out-performed competitors in OEM tests.

Our innovation provides the operator with:

  • Increased safety and stability;
  • Smoother load carrying capability and decreased mechanical wear;
  • SpoolRite Belting Technology for durability and longer track life;
  • Non-marking options to prevent a vehicle footprint.

If you need fantastic new rubber, then cherry-pick carefully from our extensive ranges. Stay well-grounded with the New Generation.

SpoolRite technology provides its strength by using one continuous steel belt that has no joints, and so – no potential vulnerabilities. This construction prevents track breaks that can cause major disruption to work, and the design also prolongs track life.

McLaren’s premium Next Generation tracks incorporate the highest production methods and quality with the most advanced design technology to give the user the best performance and value of any aftermarket rubber tracks available.

Specifically designed for sensitive or decorative surfaces, the non-marking track option is for effective operating whilst leaving no vehicle footprint behind. This track has all the strength and durability of the New Generation line while being able to work successfully on more critical or delicate areas such as interiors or turf (for instance, in arboricultural work situations).


Maximizer Rubber Tracks

The clue is in the name. When you need the best that a limited budget will allow, Maximizer tracks are the solution for the eternal quality versus value dilemma. This product offers the most cost-effective aftermarket track solution in its price range, while retaining all of McLaren’s commitment to reliability and efficiency. Maximizer tracks offer:

  • The incorporation of a reinforced single steel belt design for maximum strength and durability;
  • A quality rubber compound manufacture for the most efficient service and track life;
  • A lower price to fit budgets of smaller scale contractors, or suiting the outlay for less continuous use.

The Maximizer range is made with quality compounds that contain up to 30% more rubber than competitors’ products. At an affordable price, these tracks retain McLaren’s guarantee-backed aim of providing service and quality in order to help you maximize your budget.

Maximizer tracks are produced as an option for contractors with a tight budget, or for aerial platform use that is perhaps periodic, or not so intensive. This range gives you an option to equip your machinery with the best tracks that the budget allows, and confidence that your contact with the ground will be well supported by McLaren engineering and quality.