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McLaren Rubber Tracks for Mini-excavators

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    McLaren Rubber Tracks provides strength and flexibility throughout the entire track to minimize wear and maximize performance

    • US Patented Technology
    • McLaren proprietary SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry’s strongest rubber track structure
    • Advanced rubber compounding helps ensure proper rubber bonding with the links to prevent link ejection
    • S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon forged steel used for making the links prevents breaking or cracking under heavy impact loads
    • Large variety of innovative lug patterns for minimum vibration and increased traction
    • Use of short-pitch technology to double sprocket life and reduced vibration
    • Available in two series – NEXT GENERATION™ premium line and MAXIMIZER economy line

    McLaren manufactures rubber tracks for the most popular mini excavators of Bobcat, JCB, Caterpillar, Kubota, Yanmar, New Holland


    McLaren Rubber Tracks for Track Loaders. Designed to handle the work-load and abuse of the most powerful track loaders. Get more work hours from your rubber track!

    • US Patented Technology
    • Specifically developed for track loaders, McLaren’s SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry's strongest track structure
    • TDF High Modulus Compound™ designed to carry the full load of the machine at maximum engine capacity
    • S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon forged steel used for making the links prevents breaking or cracking under heavy impact loads
    • TDF Multi-Lug™ design protects the track body and quarantines cuts and cracks
    • TDF's tread pattern provides significantly improved flexibility, traction, and smooth ride

    McLaren rubber tracks fit the most popular compact track loaders of Bobcat, CAT, JCB, Takeuchi en New Holland.


    McLaren HYBRID™ Steel Tracks with Bolt-On Rubber Pads for Mini-excavators. Virtually unbreakable and last twice as long as regular rubber tracks.

    • Combines the strength of steel with the advantages of rubber
    • Easy to install on your rubber track machine without changing any undercarriage parts
    • Replaceable rubber shoes ensure excellent ground protection on those delicate jobs when it’s necessary to operate on turf or paved surfaces
    • Designed to handle the most extreme ground conditions
    • Lasts twice as long as regular rubber tracks

    McLaren manufactures steel tracks for the most popular mini excavators of CAT, JCB, Hitachi, Kubota, New Holland.

    McLaren manufacture the toughest tracks. Whatever machine you have - wherever it has to operate – we have the perfect solution for you. And in the unlikely event that we don’t have exactly what you require in the Next Generation range, well – contact us, and we’ll design it!

    The components of McLaren rubber track strength are a combination of pioneering design, outstanding manufacturing processes and best quality materials. At the core of this is our SpoolRite Belting Technology. This consists of continuous bands of high quality steel that provide integrity and stability throughout the length and width of our tracks. This design prevents on-site track breaks that inferior products can suffer – and the down-time this produces.

    The quality rubber compounds we use are a recipe for both toughness and durability, leading to tracks which will out-perform and outlast the competition (proven in our on-going OEM tests). Our secret recipe combines HRAT (High-Performance Rolling Area Track) compound, an ingredient that makes the rubber flexible and at the same time resistant to tears and cracking, and our 5-RT compound, added for resilience against U.V rays which protects against the degradation this causes.

    Tread design is integral – it provides both traction and stability – and safety. Each of the models in our range has an individual optimal footprint to maximize these needs AND is designed to minimize vibration; this enhances load stability, reduces mechanical wear to undercarriages and so, minimizes maintenance costs.

    Check out the ranges we have and look at the products for your machinery. McLaren can meet your needs whether you want a high-function/low marking option for working on more delicate ornamental surfaces (like the Next Generation TURF non-marking), or whether you need rubber like the Next Gen excavator tracks to get to grips with the tougher terrain.

    Working at heights requires traction and stability are vital for safety. McLaren manufacture Next Gen tracks for aerial platforms which combine the stability of advanced tread patterns, the traction that this brings to the platform’s maneuverability – all incorporating McLaren durability and track longevity.

    Out in the fields – Field Master Multi-Season combine harvester tracks are the best in this field. These tracks have had their forgings upgraded to withstand 50% more wear. This involves the use of new alloy that can make the occasional repair simple using hard-surface welding wire. Integral is the SpoolRite Belting, combined with EWF (Extra-Wide Forging) that gives even greater durability and the benefit of a greatly decreased footprint. This also increases stability when working on gradients. The rubber is made to the highest McLaren standards employing our effective compounds.

    For total machine efficiency McLaren provide several options to maximize the work environments for you to operate in: the OTT (Over-The-Tire) option, and Hybrid HD Heavy Duty.

    With the OTT system, it’s possible to seamlessly combine the great features of our Nu-Air Semi-Pneumatic tire technology with tough track capability. This gives an easy conversion to some machines when there are multiple types of terrain, or when the landscape of a project changes, without the need for multiple vehicles on-site. This is especially useful where worksite space/access is limited. Using the ultra-tough Diamond OTT combination package for example gives the user the best diversity of operations available for a single machine.

    The heavy duty Hybrid range is first and foremost steel track to deal with the harshest and most demanding environments; though employing McLaren’s adaptability, these tracks can quickly and conveniently be fitted with quality rubber pads allowing transit between sites on paved surfaces.

    This is just a brief overview of how McLaren can help maximize your machines and rationalize your projects. We understand that not all budgets extend or warrant the outlay of our premium ranges. On machines that are not in constant use, for example, a customer wants the best product possible, though this must cost-effective outlay – for these situations, our Maximizer range is the perfect solution. These ranges are manufactured with McLaren quality for such situations.

    At McLaren we constantly communicate with our customers and listen to their feedback. This gives us the information required to continuously improve our products and service. Whatever rubber is needed for your machines, contact McLaren first to see what we can do.

    We will solve all your track requirements – and make your budget smile!